Videos From The Night Of The Coup Attempt In Turkey

Addis Ababa Büyükelçiliği 20.07.2016

1.Attack on Turkish General National Assembly

2.Attack on Presidential Palace

3.Bombing of Civilians Gathered in Front of the Presidential Palace

4.Sikorsky Attack on Ankara Police Department and Civilians

5.Attack on the Civilians on the Bosphorus Bridge

6.Killing of a Civilian by a Captain

7.Tanks Shooting Civilians

8.Attack on Civilians,yTnxecTPYE-iYkGFS0ZQLAü,yG1baJ_w5ECTmqe-gImpvQ

9.Bombing of Civilians

10.Attack on the Hotel Hosting President Erdoğan

11.Tanks Being Used Against the Civilians

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